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Avoiding Trial and Error: A Best-Practice Workshop for creating TYPO3 Websites


Jochen Weiland, Riona Kuthe


There are many different approaches on how you can build a TYPO3 based website. Some of them take you onto a long and winding road, causing delays and frustration.
This workshop presents a step-by-step guide on how to take the shortcut, so that you can finish the project on time and on budget. Among the topics are things like:

- How to configure TYPO3 right from the start
- The advantages of using modular Typoscript code
- TemplaVoila vs. Modern Template Building
- TYPO3 Extensions and 3rd party tools that make your life much easier
- How to debug a TYPO3 project
- Configuring backend users and the RTE
- Using DAM to your advantage

Note: this tutorial can be given either as a half day of full day workshop

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Jochen Weiland is using TYPO3 since the beginning of 2002. What initially started as a hobby has in the meantime turned into a company with several full-time employees offering TYPO3 services, including hosting, support, seminars, webdesign and programming.
He has published several articles about TYPO3 in the T3N magazine and given presentations at many TYPO3 events.
He is a member of the TYPO3 Security Team and the Stuttgart TYPO3 user group.

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